Leo’s Christening

Hi and thanks for visiting my blog, This is my first article that I have blogged about so I thought it would be fitting to introduce myself to you if you do not know me already!

My name is Demos Soupashis I am a freelance Photographer. I shoot Weddings, Christenings, Modelling and fashion for a clothing brand. I love what I do so sometimes I like to shoot at any given opportunity (hobby shooting I call it) so you may see the odd image of a landscape or something that really appealed to me also on this blog. I have a small studio based in South Woodford London where I conduct portrait shoots and Modelling shoots for aspiring models and their portfolios as well.

My first post is for a christening that was followed by a wonderful celebration at St Andrews Parish Hall in Southgate.

It was a beautiful sunny day for Little Leo’s Christening day, It was being held in St Barnabas Greek Orthodox church in Wood Green London N22


I love this church as not only was I also Christened there but so was my lovely wife many, many years ago, I might add!


This was more of a documentary shoot and respecting the Christening that was taking place i couldn’t get to close little Leo however we got some beautiful shots of the christening in a reportage style photo shoot. I have added a slideshow of the day here.

I set up a photo booth within the hall with some props and everyone had a blast sharing their images and trying to gain respect for the craziest pose!


Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for my next blog.

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