BulletProof Gym Wear

BulletProof Gym Wear is a UK unisex gym clothing brand that offers various styles of clothing that includes Hoodies, Vests, Tracksuits and many more.

The design, print and manufacturing is all done in-house and is distributed worldwide. Joe the owner loves all things urban and military and we often discuss awesome ideas like taking images with tanks or big guns and who knows maybe one day we will, but for the moment watch this space!


Below are some images of their products that I have shot in studio over the years. With so many products being introduced all the time the company owner also shoots some of his own images so please note that although all the images in this blog are mine not all images on the website are shot by me.


These were previously used on the website and for social media campaigns.




The Bulletproof Team also sponsor competing body builders for their brand. This was for a shoot for the website and social media for the launch of their new ladies range.



I have done many shoots for BulltProof over the years and they have an extensive following on social media networks including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Please check out their website

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