Engagement Shoot at St Dunstan in the East Garden London


It was a hot sunny day on Saturday the 18th of July and i had seen St Dunstans Garden on the Internet a while ago and immediately knew this would make a great location for a shoot. So when Miran and Yas contacted me for their wedding photography I knew I wanted to use this for their engagement images.

Some info on St Dunstan,
The church was originally built in about 1100. A new south aisle was added in 1391 and the church was repaired in 1631 at a cost of more than £2,400.

It was severely damaged in the Great Fire of London in 1666. Rather than being completely rebuilt, the damaged church was patched up between 1668 and 1671.A steeple was added in 1695–1701 to the designs of Sir Christopher Wren. It was built in a gothic style sympathetic to main body of the church, though with heavy string courses of a kind not used in the Middle Ages. It has a needle spire carried on four flying buttresses in the manner of that of St Nicholas in Newcastle.The restored church had wooden carvings by Grinling Gibbons and an organ by Father Smith, which was transferred to the abbey at St Albans in 1818.

More info Available here.


Initially Miran and Yas didn’t have an engagement shoot in mind but I managed to convince them. I can’t emphasise on how important having one is. The main reason for this is that there’s nothing more important to me than getting to know my clients on a 1-2-1 basis. This helps with me being able to explain the way I work and to help give direction and build the foundations for their wedding day.


People who know me also know that I also shoot fashion photography, so it’s awesome when people arrive and have style! I knew this was going to be a creative and fun shoot. Yas looked lovely in her dress and Miran I’m seriously going to get a hat like that!


I love using a snoot (a tight beam of light) to highlight my subjects and give a 50’s cinematic look to my images. An example of what I mean is shown below.


The great thing about this location is the gothic feeling you get when you walk around and look at the details of the building especially the arched doorways and windows, very medieval looking.


I walked around like a child in hamleys looking at other nooks and crannies we could get more shots and to capture the couples loving relationship. Below are some more image’s.



The sun was beating down and it was getting hot the shoot was coming to an end and It was a fun day with a really fun loving couple that were chilled and they just let the day roll on. I can’t wait for their wedding!

To end with some final shots.




If your interested in booking your engagement and wedding with me please visit http://www.demosphotography.com for packages and prices.

Next blog coming soon from Devizes in Wiltshire for a beautiful Barn wedding!

Thanks for reading!

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