Beautiful Wedding at Wellington Barn Devizes Wiltshire.

Recently I was fortunate enough to shoot a Wedding at Wellington Barn located in the beautiful countryside of Devizes in Wiltshire.

The barn is a luxury venue beautifully designed and spacious enough to hold approximately 200 guests. The staff and management were very accommodating and professional. I would highly recommend the venue for a wedding and not only for the interior and professionalism but also for the 360 degree views of the stunning countryside around it.

My day began the Bride’s home for preparation images. Make-up was by Emma from Savage Beauty based in Devizes and hair preparations by Sam from Getting to know the family and Bridesmaids was a pleasure and were very nice and easy going. It wasn’t long before the bridesmaids cracked the champagne open and everyone started to enjoy the day and look forward to the ceremony and the party ahead.



My clients also had the benefit of my 2nd photographer Steve Baker. He went on ahead battling the road works in Devizes town centre to get to the lovely Peppermill Hotel to shoot the Groom and Groomsman as they were getting ready. I can offer an additional photographer (Steve) with some of my packages. Visit my website for more information.


We arrived at the barn ahead of everyone so we could get those all important images of the venue and details of the cake and decorations. The decorations had a rustic look and had a theme of English and Asian culture and blended in very well. The flowers, cake and all the extras looked stunning.

The guests started to arrive into the venue and to enjoy a cheeky drink before the ceremony started. On a side note I would recommend speaking to your venue or the local registry office to make sure there are no restrictions on photography during the ceremony. Most have no problem but some do have certain restrictions so it’s an idea to check in advance.


The cake was not actually a cake instead each layer was a different type of cheese. Crackers anyone? how cool is that!  


The Groom waited patiently for his bride to walk down the aisle while cracking the odd joke, As the bride made her entrance Nav (The Groom) couldn’t believe how elegant Harriet looked wearing a beautiful flowing traditional style dress.



After the ceremony the couple set aside time for group shots with family and friends. We started off with formal group images followed by informal ones and it was great to see everyone was happy to let their hair down and go with it. After all Images look so much better when you throw some fun into the mix.



Dinner for the evening was a very tasty curry prepared by Peter from Vaughan’s Kitchen based in Devizes. It was very good indeed (in fact I could do with one now as I’m writing this blog)  I highly recommend them they also have a cookery school run by Judy so they must be good! Check out Kim and the events team where they can help you here for your catering needs.

Speeches were kicked off by the bride’s father and it was one the funniest speeches I have heard, and I mean side splitting funny. I recommended he should do stand up comedy as his wit was awesome but also kind and emotional. The Grooms speech followed and again I was witnessing some comedy genius just like before. Finally Chris the best man stood up and gave a heartfelt speech that was funny, gentle and a pleasure to hear!


After the speeches we set time aside for the couples photoshoot in the eye catching scenery around the Barn. Below are some of my favourite images.




The day slowly became evening and the party was in full flow. Below are some images of the 1st dance and everyone enjoying themselves with a few well earned drinks. Can you notice anyone showing off the dance moves?

        My evening was coming to an end so I said my goodbyes to the Bride, Groom and all the new friends I had made throughout the day and as I drove away through the splendor of the Wiltshire countryside i was reminiscent of the hours that had passed. I thought to myself what a great couple, fantastic family, friends, beautiful venue, and professional vendors.

I love it when a plan comes together! (Hannibal the A team).

I wish you both a very happy married life together!

Thanks for reading.

Demos Soupashis

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