Portobello road Engagement.

This blog is about an urban style Engagement shoot with a wonderful couple who are due to get married in under a month.

I met Mike and Varshi to discuss the wedding plans over a drink in Finchley. 

The idea of a fusion weddings of two different cultures really appeals to me and a lot of my weddings i take on are mixed cultures and I felt honoured that they had offered me the opportunity to be part of their special day.

But obviously we had to plan the engagement shoot first!

Mike and Varshi wanted to incorporate an engagement shoot in and around Portobello market and the surrounding area as this was a place that was very special for them. 

We began in trendy Portobello road market.

We came across a stall that sold old vintage cameras and I couldn’t help myself.

Mike above searching for a letter M. 

The last time I went to Portobello road market was when I was a young child. I was around 6 or 7 years old and with my Dad, He dragged me around looking at old antiques and tools. I can see why it has a special place in Mike and Vasrhi’s heart, as I’m writing the blog this very moment I have unforgettable memories flooding back to me of my late father. 

We had a great time checking out all the shops and stalls before we moved on.

Next stop was Notting hill, this place is a photographers dream, multi coloured painted houses, awesome architecture in a very trendy part of London. 

There are beautiful mew’s in this part of town and finding nice spots to get images was easy, Although to be honest Mike and Varshi were my sat nav for the day and luckily they knew the area pretty well.

If your looking for ideas for an engagement shoot think about an urban style shoot, they are great fun and something different.

Mike and Varshi are one of the nicest couples a photographer could have the pleasure to work with and I very much look forward to the Sanji party and of course your wedding day!

Demos Soupashis