Portobello road Engagement.

This blog is about an urban style Engagement shoot with a wonderful couple who are due to get married in under a month.

I met Mike and Varshi to discuss the wedding plans over a drink in Finchley. 

The idea of a fusion weddings of two different cultures really appeals to me and a lot of my weddings i take on are mixed cultures and I felt honoured that they had offered me the opportunity to be part of their special day.

But obviously we had to plan the engagement shoot first!

Mike and Varshi wanted to incorporate an engagement shoot in and around Portobello market and the surrounding area as this was a place that was very special for them. 

We began in trendy Portobello road market.

We came across a stall that sold old vintage cameras and I couldn’t help myself.

Mike above searching for a letter M. 

The last time I went to Portobello road market was when I was a young child. I was around 6 or 7 years old and with my Dad, He dragged me around looking at old antiques and tools. I can see why it has a special place in Mike and Vasrhi’s heart, as I’m writing the blog this very moment I have unforgettable memories flooding back to me of my late father. 

We had a great time checking out all the shops and stalls before we moved on.

Next stop was Notting hill, this place is a photographers dream, multi coloured painted houses, awesome architecture in a very trendy part of London. 

There are beautiful mew’s in this part of town and finding nice spots to get images was easy, Although to be honest Mike and Varshi were my sat nav for the day and luckily they knew the area pretty well.

If your looking for ideas for an engagement shoot think about an urban style shoot, they are great fun and something different.

Mike and Varshi are one of the nicest couples a photographer could have the pleasure to work with and I very much look forward to the Sanji party and of course your wedding day!

Demos Soupashis

Beautiful Wedding at Wellington Barn Devizes Wiltshire.

Beautiful Wedding at Wellington Barn Devizes Wiltshire.

Recently I was fortunate enough to shoot a Wedding at Wellington Barn located in the beautiful countryside of Devizes in Wiltshire. The barn is a luxury venue beautifully designed and spacious enough to hold approximately 200 guests. The staff and management … Continue reading

Engagement Shoot at St Dunstan in the East Garden London


It was a hot sunny day on Saturday the 18th of July and i had seen St Dunstans Garden on the Internet a while ago and immediately knew this would make a great location for a shoot. So when Miran and Yas contacted me for their wedding photography I knew I wanted to use this for their engagement images.

Some info on St Dunstan,
The church was originally built in about 1100. A new south aisle was added in 1391 and the church was repaired in 1631 at a cost of more than £2,400.

It was severely damaged in the Great Fire of London in 1666. Rather than being completely rebuilt, the damaged church was patched up between 1668 and 1671.A steeple was added in 1695–1701 to the designs of Sir Christopher Wren. It was built in a gothic style sympathetic to main body of the church, though with heavy string courses of a kind not used in the Middle Ages. It has a needle spire carried on four flying buttresses in the manner of that of St Nicholas in Newcastle.The restored church had wooden carvings by Grinling Gibbons and an organ by Father Smith, which was transferred to the abbey at St Albans in 1818.

More info Available here.


Initially Miran and Yas didn’t have an engagement shoot in mind but I managed to convince them. I can’t emphasise on how important having one is. The main reason for this is that there’s nothing more important to me than getting to know my clients on a 1-2-1 basis. This helps with me being able to explain the way I work and to help give direction and build the foundations for their wedding day.


People who know me also know that I also shoot fashion photography, so it’s awesome when people arrive and have style! I knew this was going to be a creative and fun shoot. Yas looked lovely in her dress and Miran I’m seriously going to get a hat like that!


I love using a snoot (a tight beam of light) to highlight my subjects and give a 50’s cinematic look to my images. An example of what I mean is shown below.


The great thing about this location is the gothic feeling you get when you walk around and look at the details of the building especially the arched doorways and windows, very medieval looking.


I walked around like a child in hamleys looking at other nooks and crannies we could get more shots and to capture the couples loving relationship. Below are some more image’s.



The sun was beating down and it was getting hot the shoot was coming to an end and It was a fun day with a really fun loving couple that were chilled and they just let the day roll on. I can’t wait for their wedding!

To end with some final shots.




If your interested in booking your engagement and wedding with me please visit http://www.demosphotography.com for packages and prices.

Next blog coming soon from Devizes in Wiltshire for a beautiful Barn wedding!

Thanks for reading!

Westminster boating base Wedding in Grosvenor Road Pimlico London.


If your looking for some ideas for a wedding location in London then there is a hidden gem in Pimlico overlooking the River Thames. Westminster Boating Base is a superb venue with stunning views of London.

The wedding began at the bride and groom’s boat house in South London. The bride along with family and friends were preparing for the big day ahead.

It was beautiful day and there was a constant stream of sunlight beaming through the port holes of the boat making the preparation shoot bright and airy.








After the preparations I grabbed a black cab to St Mary’s Church in Battersea where the ceremony was held. I arrived in good time ready to get shots of the groom and groomsmen as they arrived. The different personalities were apparent with some “hipster” fashion going on and I knew at that moment that this was going to be a super cool wedding!

Couples can prefer traditional wedding attire and there’s nothing wrong with that as the day looks elegant and timeless but it’s also nice to shoot a day with people opting to come dressed looking unique as this goes against complete tradition and screams this is a different type of wedding and people do like to be unique or dare I say cool!

Whatever your preference is I think it’s important to think about the atmosphere of the day and how your images will look with whatever you choose to go with.





The ceremony was also unique complete with a trumpet player and singer. A first for me to see their lovely dog as the ring bearer. It goes without saying it was emotional but it also had a real fun element to it.







After the ceremony the register was signed, you can see in the image below the bright sunlight streaming through the window giving me the opportunity to capture it flooding the bride with a smile.




Finally the newlyweds walk down the aisle together as husband and wife and my opportunity to grab those all important confetti shots so I made my way to the rear of the church and waited patiently for them to arrive outside.





A handful of routemasters were laid on for the trip to Westminster and nothing goes down better than a good sing along for the journey.





As for the newlyweds it was a speed boat trip to the venue, very 007!





I waited on the pier patiently pondering the best location to capture the arrival and then I realised that this was a striking looking pier. It looked like one of those bridges you get in an American movie with all the crisscross girders holding it together. I could see all the shadows falling to the floor and I immediately thought this would look great as they walk towards me and so I took my position made sure all the settings were right on the camera and fired off a few images as they walked towards me, oblivious that I was even there.


Some shots of the details just before everyone came in for speeches and dinner.





Once everybody was in and in their seats it was time for some emotional speeches and some family stories read by the mother of the bride.





Just after the wedding breakfast time was set aside for some images of the couple on the grounds outside. Luckily the sun was starting to go down and wasn’t too harsh or bright and we managed to get some beautiful images.





The day was almost over and and the party was in full swing. Some final images of the couple’s first dance along with some of the guests giving it there all on the dance floor.




The Wedding had come to an end and so I said my goodbyes and congratulations to the newlyweds letting them enjoy their final moments with friends and family.

What I enjoyed most about this special day was the easy going atmosphere of a group of people just wanting to have a good time and I think that’s what made this a great wedding. In the end it’s about love, laughter and having a good time that counts so why not just roll with it and have a great day!

To view the day with one of my stunning slide shows please click here

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Hendon Hall Wedding Shoot


Hendon Hall is part of the Handpicked Hotel selection and is based in Hendon North London. Being one of their listed photographers I know the hotel very well. There are stunning gardens that surround the hotel and the rear garden is a tranquil area and perfect for a summer wedding.

My client wanted timeless images that were in a documentary or reportage style with family portraits. This style of journalistic photography has become very popular over the past years so I went with a classic theme of a monochromatic style and colour images. Here are a few as we were waiting for a coach of guests to arrive.



Once everyone had arrived the guests made their way in to the Hogarth suite for the ceremony followed by the Bride, Groom and their Daughter.




The ceremony and the signing of the register followed.







Once the ceremony was over it was time for a few drinks in the garden while the hotel was preparing the Hogarth for the wedding breakfast and the perfect time to get some family portraits.



Dinner is served with speeches.



The full slideshow is available.

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Jane & Harald Engagement Shoot Golders Hill Park.


Hanpicked Hotel Hendon Hall recommended my services to Jane and so she contacted me to shoot their up coming wedding. Most of my Packages include an engagement shoot within the price so we discussed a location that would be convenient. We agreed on Golders Hill Park in North London. If you have never visited the park I would highly recommend it especially if you have children.

I suggested that we had a relaxed attitude to the day and maybe bring along a bottle of wine or champaign. They arrived as planned with their lovely daughter and a bottle of Prosecco. I knew this was going to be a fun shoot!







I managed pretty easily to persuade Sophie their daughter to pose for a few images and like most kids she Jumped at the chance to be in front of the camera.



The weather was bright and sunny and the Prosecco helped Jane and Harald relax and enjoy their shoot!

The Wedding Blog will follow shortly, Thanks for reading.

Letty’s Christening St John The Baptist Greek Orthodox


Natalie contacted me after she visited my website and liked the way I used available light in some of my previous images. She was looking for someone who could capture her daughters christening that was planned to fall on an anniversary date that was special for the family. I was more than happy that I was available to shoot this special occasion for her.

The ceremony was to be held at St John The Baptist Greek Orthodox Church. This is one of my favourite church’s and typically like most church’s the decor is amazing.

The God Parents had chosen this beautiful christening gown along with accessories to go with it.


There was a butterfly theme for the day that was important in bringing the christening and the anniversary date together.




The ceremony went to plan and like most baptisms there was some anxious tiers by Letty I explained to the parents that this was normal and to try not to get to upset.






After the baptism there was a small party laid on at Skewd Kitchen restaurant based in Cockfosters.



They had done a great job of decorating a table complete with some cupcakes and decorations ready for the family to start the celebration.




It was a great day shared with a great family and so I left them to enjoy the occasion with fine food and drink. Little Letty had a long day and oblivious to the celebration’s around her she drifted in to a nice well earned sleep.


The full Slideshow of the day.

BulletProof Gym Wear

BulletProof Gym Wear is a UK unisex gym clothing brand that offers various styles of clothing that includes Hoodies, Vests, Tracksuits and many more.

The design, print and manufacturing is all done in-house and is distributed worldwide. Joe the owner loves all things urban and military and we often discuss awesome ideas like taking images with tanks or big guns and who knows maybe one day we will, but for the moment watch this space!


Below are some images of their products that I have shot in studio over the years. With so many products being introduced all the time the company owner also shoots some of his own images so please note that although all the images in this blog are mine not all images on the website are shot by me.


These were previously used on the website and for social media campaigns.




The Bulletproof Team also sponsor competing body builders for their brand. This was for a shoot for the website and social media for the launch of their new ladies range.



I have done many shoots for BulltProof over the years and they have an extensive following on social media networks including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Please check out their website

Fashion shoot at Wilton’s Music Hall


Yagmur is an aspiring model and when she contacted me looking for a studio and location shoot to help complete her modelling portfolio I was only happy to help.

We discussed a make up style shoot for some beauty images in studio followed by location photography. Yagmur let me roll with what and where I thought was best so I started the creative cogs turning so to speak. I knew exactly what would work well. I love working with rustic backgrounds and old looking buildings so I began my search and that’s when Wilton’s music hall popped out from something we call Google?

Once make up and hair was complete (by Amy Weems) I set up my lighting. I used a 2 strobe set up both with soft boxes. One was just above Yagmurs face and the other was below around half a stop lower to give me some fill light so I could get a soft flat looking image. With the final image (the black and white) I chose to have some light fall off for a more dramatic look.




Once the studio shoot was completed it was off to Wilton’s. I chose to travel light with a Canon 5d mk iii, Canon 70-200 f2/8L, Tamron 24-70 f2/8 and a single flash mounted to a monopod with a snoot attached (ok light ish). I knew the look I had in my head, a harsher spot light look, I love the high drama you can create with a single light and snoot, I think it’s because it’s the style of light you get in old black and white gangster movies!






If your an aspiring model and are looking for Photography services please feel free to contact me my details are on my website. http://www.demosphotography.com

Leo’s Christening

Hi and thanks for visiting my blog, This is my first article that I have blogged about so I thought it would be fitting to introduce myself to you if you do not know me already!

My name is Demos Soupashis I am a freelance Photographer. I shoot Weddings, Christenings, Modelling and fashion for a clothing brand. I love what I do so sometimes I like to shoot at any given opportunity (hobby shooting I call it) so you may see the odd image of a landscape or something that really appealed to me also on this blog. I have a small studio based in South Woodford London where I conduct portrait shoots and Modelling shoots for aspiring models and their portfolios as well.

My first post is for a christening that was followed by a wonderful celebration at St Andrews Parish Hall in Southgate.

It was a beautiful sunny day for Little Leo’s Christening day, It was being held in St Barnabas Greek Orthodox church in Wood Green London N22


I love this church as not only was I also Christened there but so was my lovely wife many, many years ago, I might add!


This was more of a documentary shoot and respecting the Christening that was taking place i couldn’t get to close little Leo however we got some beautiful shots of the christening in a reportage style photo shoot. I have added a slideshow of the day here.

I set up a photo booth within the hall with some props and everyone had a blast sharing their images and trying to gain respect for the craziest pose!


Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for my next blog.