Fashion shoot at Wilton’s Music Hall


Yagmur is an aspiring model and when she contacted me looking for a studio and location shoot to help complete her modelling portfolio I was only happy to help.

We discussed a make up style shoot for some beauty images in studio followed by location photography. Yagmur let me roll with what and where I thought was best so I started the creative cogs turning so to speak. I knew exactly what would work well. I love working with rustic backgrounds and old looking buildings so I began my search and that’s when Wilton’s music hall popped out from something we call Google?

Once make up and hair was complete (by Amy Weems) I set up my lighting. I used a 2 strobe set up both with soft boxes. One was just above Yagmurs face and the other was below around half a stop lower to give me some fill light so I could get a soft flat looking image. With the final image (the black and white) I chose to have some light fall off for a more dramatic look.




Once the studio shoot was completed it was off to Wilton’s. I chose to travel light with a Canon 5d mk iii, Canon 70-200 f2/8L, Tamron 24-70 f2/8 and a single flash mounted to a monopod with a snoot attached (ok light ish). I knew the look I had in my head, a harsher spot light look, I love the high drama you can create with a single light and snoot, I think it’s because it’s the style of light you get in old black and white gangster movies!






If your an aspiring model and are looking for Photography services please feel free to contact me my details are on my website.