Hampstead, A secret garden Engagement shoot.

There’s a hidden Garden in Hampstead that I have blogged about previously. It’s a popular spot for my couples wanting an engagement shoot. It’s on North end Road near Jack Straws Castle pub. 
It has some of the most picturesque landscapes in London and not many people know it exists. 

I recommended it to my lovely couple as an ideal spot for their engagement shoot and they agreed it was the place for them. 

Below are some images from the day. I hope you like them as much as I do.

Below shows of the Pergola at it’s best, stunning pillars and architecture.

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Nav & Harriet engagement shoot Hampstead.


In this blog I talk about one of the most tranquil places in London an engagement shoot and the Clothes Show?

Engagement shoots for me are one of the most important aspects of Wedding photography. It gives me the opportunity to meet and interact with my clients face to face prior to their big day and disover what they like and dislike for their photography needs. It’s also a good way to help remove shyness or awkwardness before the wedding day. Every couple is unique!

I had the location in mind from a previous shoot that I had done and immediately knew this was a hidden Gem. The location was Hampstead Pergola or the secret garden as it’s known locally. The history of the Pergola goes back to 1904 when Lord Leverhulme, a wealthy philanthropist and lover of landscape gardening, purchased a large town house on the Heath called “The Hill”.
Over the following year Lord Leverhulme expanded his estate by acquiring the surrounding land, and with this new found space he decided to build a legacy: The Pergola.


Nav and Harriet made a day of it before they met me, they spent their day shopping and sipping wine and I was lucky enough to see his outfit before the big day. It was around 6 o’clock so we could shoot around the Golden hour and get some beautiful light hoping that the overcast day would finally allow the sun to break through. Luckily it did for a while and I got what I had planned for.

Nav is a creative running
IB&G Design Agency where he does Branding for companies and commercial photography. There’s nothing more complimentary and satisfying than being asked to document another photographer’s special day I might add.


What’s great is that the Pergola has amazing spaces everywhere and can give you many perspectives and allow you to create so many different looks.

Upstairs there’s a small room with arched windows on the left and a balcony that overlooks part of the rear garden. Catch this on a bright or even overcast day and light bounces around the room.


Harriet and Nav really hit the nail on the head with their choice of outfits. Nav looked very dapper in jeans and a blazer and Harriet looked stunning in a maroon colour top and jeans, and boy are these guys tall! Myself at 5″6 was dwarfed by them and we still debate on exactly who’s the tallest. Nav won’t like me saying this but I think it’s actually Harriet.


I got to know their needs very well ahead of their wedding shoot.
I also discovered Nav was on the Clothes Show in 1988 and actually done some modelling, so as you can imagine the banter started! It was a great day and loved how easy going they were.


I showed them around the Pergola finding different places to shoot and where there was nice light. I would gently remind him that he was a clothes show model back in the 80’s just so we could get a laugh and for Nav to come out with an intellectual come back, but more importantly of all to capture them both smiling and laughing together so their images were natural.


The day was coming to an end but I had one more shot that I had planned in my head and knew they would love it. I asked them both to stand together in anyway that made them feel comfortable and framed my shot. It was something a little different to the normal style of engagement images and more of an environmental portrait. I hope you like it as much as I do but more importantly as much as Nav and Harriet do!


Stay tuned for their wedding blog, a British and Asian fusion of awesomeness.

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